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The Aurora Sentinel is into everyone’s business, and our readers appreciate it. There’s lot of ground to cover for Aurora Business. In the city alone, there are more than 30,000 businesses. Entrepreneurs here do everything from design unique women’s shoes from a home studio to run some of the most critical and complex space defense systems on the planet.

Aurora boasts the Anschutz health care and research megaplex, which is home to dozens of related hospitals, clinics and bioscience inventors, all pumping more than $4 billion dollars a year into the regional economy. Just a few miles away, Buckley Air Force Base and related contractors employ tens of thousands of people and contribute another billion dollars a year to the local economy.

Aurora has become an economic powerhouse, where far more than 100,000 people find work, and yet many of those jobs are small businesses, making payrolls a niche. Aurora Business brings businesses, employees and decision makers vital news from around the country and around the block, daily online. Each week in the Aurora Sentinel, Aurora Business focuses on how local and regional governments impact the economy, regulations and the business community. Aurora Business offers readers a close look at the people and issues affecting everyone’s bottom line, and we offer features and profiles about compelling personalities and start-ups. In brief and in full, Aurora Business is fast becoming the region’s most valuable business partner for everyone.

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This section of the Aurora Sentinel hits the stands Thursdays, bringing readers important regional economic summaries, but more importantly, a unique, sophisticated look at Aurora area businesses, trends and decision makers.

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