Aurora Magazine

Surprising. More than anything else, Aurora magazine offers its growing fan base a buffet of surprises. Some of the region’s top artists live here. The city wants to be home to a spaceport. Some of the world’s most lauded athletes call our city home. Aurora magazine is a reflection of how this community of 335,000 people amaze themselves, their neighbors and the world.

Aurora MagazineAurora magazine weaves rich features and stunning photography to tell some of the best stories in print and online. You’ll meet the people who shape Aurora through politics, business, arts and entertainment. We’ll introduce you to entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, teachers, politicians, athletes, chefs – people who enrich our lives and define the city. Each issue, this full-feature living magazine offers ideas about where to eat, what to drink, shows to see, places to visit and comforts to buy. In just a short time, Aurora magazine has managed to become everyone’s best friend.

Auroran — That’s so weird, and that’s so Aurora. A new collection of oddities each issue.

Plainview – The editor’s take on what’s on readers’ minds.

Burbanite – There’s nothing like life in the ‘burbs, and each issue we tell readers why.

Coloradical – This is a one-of-a-kind state with exciting things to do like no place else.

Colorado Table – A close look at the region’s unique foods, cafes and sustainable agribusinesses, all part of the Colorado Table brand.

Colorado Spirits – In a state that has more unique craft beers, wines, liqueurs and spirits than just about anywhere in the world. We bring readers a new taste each issue.

Date Knight – A staff writer leads the charge on where to grow a new romance or fun ways to spend time on the town with your regular.

Day Tripper – A look at the most interesting places to visit in the region, all just a tank of gas away.

Exit Strategy – Editor Dave Perry’s regular way trek across the city’s foibles and out the back door.

Face Time – Q&A with some of the most interesting people in and near Aurora.

Food for Thought – Takes a big bite out of the area’s food, market and restaurant scene.

Wellness – What’s new in regards to your health and the contributions made by some of the most important researchers based right here in our own backyard.

Keeping the Faith – A visit to different aspects of Aurora’s spiritual side.

Learning – Big picture education issues and people who bring meaning to those challenges.

Outside – Colorado’s greatest asset is right out your front door, and each issue we’ll show you ways to enjoy the state’s amazing open spaces.

Pets – A regular look at making the good life better for you and your best friends.

Room by Room – The best advice around for getting the most out of being inside.

Online at Most of the stories and features that make the print edition so compelling, plus an online calendar offering the best of the area’s shows, concerts, lectures, markets, festivals and other events.

In print, this glossy, arty magazine is available to home subscribers, delivered to key locations and is offered for individual copy sales at select locations.