Aurora Wellness

Feeling better is not only a national passion, it’s local obsession. List after list, magazine after magazine regularly names Aurora as one of the “healthiest” cities in the country. There’s a lot behind that, and a lot of reasons why health-related advertisers need to pay attention.

Aurora WellnessThis city of 335,000 people gets out, gets moving and gets the benefit of activity and exercise more than just about anywhere else in America. Because of that, Aurora residents have fewer health problems and pay keen attention to ideas that can improve their good health or help them attain it. That’s where Aurora Sentinel Wellness comes in.

Every day, Wellness at brings readers compelling stories and information about how better to take off extra weight, gain muscle, eat better, avoid and cure disease or how to improve an athletic skill. Many of those stories come from Aurora’s own backyard. The city is home to the University of Colorado medical schools, the Anschutz Cancer Center, The University of Colorado Wellness Center, University Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado and other parts of what is one of the largest, most respected medical and research campuses in the country. In addition to traditional medicine, the center is also home to a fast-growing bioscience research and development complex.

Outside of the campus, Aurora is also home to The Medical Center of Aurora, a comprehensive medical and hospital facility with nationally renowned expertise in cardiac care. Soon, the region’s newest and most inclusive Veteran’s Administration hospital will also call Aurora home. There’s a lot going on: Myriad recreation, wellness, fitness and nutrition programs and providers regularly offer news about developments or best practices to our readers who are always wanting more.
Every day, we bring readers news of innovation in research, medicine, wellness, fitness and nutrition in the Wellness section of Stories, features and updates come from across the city and across the world.

The Aurora Sentinel
Each week, news from the Aurora Anschutz and Fitzsimons campus, and features and stories from a variety of top health-news sources play prominently through the Aurora Sentinel.

Each month, we dedicate a special section inside the Aurora Sentinel to focus on an issue critical to Aurora area readers: feeling good. Stories and features focusing on every aspect of wellness make this regular take-out one of our most popular editorial and advertising opportunities.

The Aurora Magazine
Each month as part of the magazine’s health department and sometimes as features, Aurora magazine writers provide an entertaining look at a variety of health an wellness topics. Each January, we dedicate the entire issue to wellness news, features and art.