Buckley Guardian

Buckley Air Force Base is an important installation with many missions and the Buckley Guardian covers them all. This modern, bustling base is where 92,000 active duty, reserve and veteran members of the military work, live and visit. The 460th Space Wing is host to a growing facility that is home to nearly every branch of the U.S. military. This dynamic campus, which is the President of the United States’ landing portal to the Denver area, is home to the Colorado National Guard’s fleet of F-16 fighter jets. In addition to myriad active and reserve military operations, Buckley is home to a wide range of civilian and military contractor missions.

Buckley GuardianThere is never a slow day at Buckley, and the Buckley Guardian is the only dedicated news source for everything and everyone on this busy base. Each week, thousands of Buckley residents and workers depend on the Buckley Guardian for news inside and out of the gates. The Buckley Guardian offers readers a mix of features, local news and news from across the military complex. There is no better way to reach tens of thousands of readers in the Aurora metro area all connected to the local missions of the U.S active, reserve and veteran military community.


The Buckley Guardian is a lively tabloid on racks inside and out of the base each Thursday. The weekly newspaper offers a wide range of news, features, calendar and opinions.

BuckleyGuardian.com provides online coverage of the most important stories locally and nationally effecting Buckley Air Force Base. Not only does the website offer daily updates of Buckley stories, but military news from around the globe that local vets, soldiers and civilians need to know.