There was a time when almost all of our digital information was viewed on a desktop computer. Then laptops gave us portability. And finally, smartphones and tablets gave us true digital information mobility. But while the supporting technology provides a beautiful canvas for the mobile experience, content has struggled to keep up. Until now.

Enter Responsive Design

Responsive design is standards-based web architecture that allows website content to be displayed differently for specific devices. That means no more stripped-down mobile sites or apps that need to be updated , or simply aren’t available for your platform.

Readers get a consistent look and feel with gorgeous graphics and typography that are familiar no matter what device you happen to be using at the time. And advertisers finally have ads that look fantastic everywhere – on laptops, tablet or even smartphones.

Colorado’s First Responsive News Sites

All of the Aurora Media Group’s news sites are built on responsive architecture.
See for yourself how stunning local news can be. Ask about how we can bring responsive design to your website.