Join Colorado Table, the Aurora Sentinel and Aurora magazine for a brew, wine and spirits tour through the region. Never before has there been a media flight like this for the Greater Aurora area and beyond. Sign on as a premiere advertiser to include your message throughout this three-month campaign. For more details or to meet with your sales consultant, visit today.

Package includes 30,000 targeted digital ad impressions delivered October through December plus the option of one or two full-color print ads on October 22nd and October 29th.


Target key readers with an overall interest in brew, wine and spirits and the fun-loving lifestyle that accompanies the crowd.

Your digital ad will appear on special Colorado Table story pages as early as October 1st and continue through the November and December holiday season. To insure your message has maximum appeal, your digital ad will also appear on Colorado Table story and index pages and then throughout the Aurora Sentinel, Aurora magazine and Buckley Guardian sites until inventory is exhausted. Take advantage of restocking your digital ads with a refreshed creative each month and adding impressions as needed.


One print ad is included in this combo to work along with your online ad, and you may choose to add a second print ad for maximum impact. Print ads will appear adjacent to craft brew, wine and spirits content in the Aurora Sentinel on October 22nd and October 29th.

PLUS Aurora magazine

Continue your advertising sampling flight with an ad in the November/December issue of Aurora magazine. Extending your coverage with this targeted distribution will hit just in time for the holiday party season. With celebrations in full-swing, your message will be welcomed to the party. As a bonus you will receive and additional 10,000 digital ad impressions when you add Aurora magazine to your advertising buy.

Contact your sales executive today to reserve your space or request more information.

Dawn Brandt | | 720-449-9700
Ross Ulrich | | 720-449-9716
Roy Schuster | | 720-449-9703
Lindsay Nicoletti | | 720-449-9039
Jason Woodside | | 720-449-9705

Not sure who your sales executive is just email us at or call 303-750-7555


Brew & Spirits Online Flight: October through December 2015

Brew & Spirits Print Flight: October 22 & October 29

Space Reservation Deadline: Online 6 days prior, Print October 12

Final Ad Artwork Deadline: 6 days prior to publication, 3 days prior for camera ready or digital files provided

Beer & Spirits Promo 2015