The Affordable Care Act has brought change to our healthcare system and with it uncertainty and opportunity. Healthcare Choices, a special section in the Aurora Sentinel and Buckley Guardian, examines the many changes in the healthcare system and explores the effect on individuals, providers and Colorado. Among the topics will be:

  • How the local medical community are planning to handle the ACA. Will it bring more business and a doctor shortage? How will billing change? Will it bring better healthcare?
  • Local businesses talk about the ACA.
  • The hassle of providing insurance and whether to utilize the ACA or send employees to the exchange.
  • State lawmakers talk about imple- mentation. How Colorado is unique, and how this affects the state’s future.
  • Colorado’s senators and local congressmen weigh in. Where do we go from here?

Healthcare Choices will be distributed in both the Aurora Sentinel and the Buckley Guardian for a total of 36,000 copies. With the additional digital visitors, that means a combined reach of more than 158,000 readers and potential customers for your business.

Let consumers know your business is at the forefront of local healthcare and that you can provide the answers and solutions to their healthcare questions with an ad in Healthcare Choices.


Healthcare Choices Publishes: January 23, 2014

Space Reservation Deadline: January 13, Monday at noon

Final Ad Artwork Deadline: January 15, Wednesday at 5pm