Cash In With Co-Op!

You can increase your advertising budget and your sales with the help of Aurora Media Groups Co-op Advertising Department.

Coop advertising helps your business increase your newspaper advertising without increasing your advertising costs. Knowing that newspaper advertising can lead to bigger sales and increased store traffic, manufacturers offer coop reimbursement plans to help retailers pay for their newspaper advertising. May national manufactures will pay you up to 100% of your advertising cost – when you feature their product in an ad promoting your business!

The Aurora Media Group’s Coop Advertising Department does the work for you!

This FREE service could pay big dividends for your company.

We will:

  • Research the reimbursement plans for the name brand products you sell
  • Contact the manufacturers on your behalf to find out what your current ad allowance is
  • Design effective ads for your business that meet manufacture’s coop advertising requirements.
  • Furnish memo bills and tear sheets to you that help assure accurate and timely coop reimbursements.

What happens to coop funds if you don’t use them?

Absolutely nothing – and that’s the sad part. These funds are irrecoverable. It’s your coop money. Plan to use it now!

You could get more advertising without spending more money! Contact your account executive or our Coop Advertising Department or simply complete the form and email it back to us today.

For more information call your advertising account executive or Teresa Coles at 720.449.9401.