What Is Coop Advertising?

Coop advertising is a partnership between a retailer and a manufacturer to promote brand name products in the local marketplace. You promote branded products in your advertising and the manufacturer pays for a portion or all of the cost.

How does Coop Advertising Help You?

Coop advertising dollars are like money in the bank. They expand your promotional budget and allows you to increase the frequency of your advertising. That means increased store traffic and sales.

Why Does Coop Advertising Work?

Coop advertising increases product movement, sales volume and profit margin for all your participants, it’s an important part of many retailers’ advertising budgets as it allows you to gain terrific exposure and align yourself with quality brands. It’s efficient for manufactures and distributors since it allows them to focus their regional and national product promotion down to the local Greater Aurora area marketplace.

What Happens To The Coop Funds If You Don’t Use Them?

Absolutely nothing… and that is the sad part. At the end of the period all unspent funds are returned to the company and labeled unused. These funds are irrecoverable, and unfortunately, represent a significant proportion of all coop money. That’s why we say, “Not using your earned coop dollars is like throwing away free money.” It’s your coop money; plan to use it! 

How Does The Aurora Sentinel Coop Advertising Department Help? 

  • We provide you with a list of products and manufactures who have coop advertising programs you can benefit from.
  • We research how much coop funding you may be eligible for, based on your net purchases from the manufacturer.
  • We help you put together a marketing plan that utilizes these dollars to your advantage.
  • We will help you produce eye-catching personalized ads that will get maximum readership for your coop dollar. These ads will be designed with the individual manufacture specification to ensure you will be reimbursed.
  • We simplify the paperwork for your reimbursement claims.

Let’s Get Started!!!

First if all let’s assume that coop-advertising dollars exist for every product you carry. With a list of your products and manufacturers’ unique identification numbers, we can find out exactly how much money is available for you.

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